705 E. 4th St.
Hobart, IN 46342
(219) 947-1864
Monday - Friday
8am - 4:30 pm
Dinner Club

In September, the Dinner Club will still meet on the third Tuesday of the
month, but it will also be a fundraiser for the Center as well! We will be
taking part in their Raising Forks for Funds Program! From 7am to 11 pm.

Anyone that goes and eats at Baker Square, please take a gold half flyer
with you from the front cabinets next to the sign-up sheet and hand it to
the cashier when you are paying for your meal. Your meal price
will not change, but they will donate 20% back to the Center!

There will still be reservations made for the dinner club as
a whole, but this fundraiser will take place all day.
Breakfast? Sure! Lunch? No problem! Dinner? Of course!
Dessert? Absolutely! Small snack? Anytime!

Tuesday, September 19th at 4 pm.
The sign up sheet will be taken down on Thursday, September 14th
**Flyers cannot be distributed to other people at the restaurant **

**VERY IMPORTANT** You will need to bring a gold flyer with you